F r a n c i n e  M o n g e o n
O t t a w a ,  O n t a r i o ,  C a n a d a
"My Life"
in 100 words or Less
Once upon a time, long, long ago.....
A beautiful baby girl was born.
She had blue eyes and blonde hair.

She had it all,
but you could see the sadness in her eyes,
"they want me to be a doctor, a lawyer,
but who am I really?
What will I be?
So much to choose from."

A while later on a sunny day in spring,
looking at her mother painting,
Francine's eyes brightened,
her smile widened...
she knew.....
using her overall as a canvas
she did her first artwork.
A wonderful turquoise abstract.
"The art, the body, the psychological patchwork of what our spirit might hide fascinates me.

I let my past echo into my present by allowing memories of beauty, loss and evil to help me create a tension between my art and the public.

One piece might remind them of the multitude of masks we put on every day just to function in society.  An other will make them laugh so hard that their soul will cry tears of peace and fulfillment.

My art has many facets, a dark memory, a colourful and crazy idea, the unmentionable....

Art for me is an escape where no explanations are needed and no one is judge or jury." 

 Francine Mongeon
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Francine at  just over a year of age.
Francine - June 2012
Francine  1999
Francine - April 2012