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Paverpol "sculpture" by Teckla Kluck.  
(Permission to use photos obtained from Teckla Kluck)
PAVERPOL "sculptures"
"Les Trotineuses" by Francine.

"The Couple" by Francine
Francine Mongeon is a certified Paverpol Instructor.... Classes offered, information below photographgs
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Paverpol allows anyone to create an original work of art…a sculpture a wall decoration and much more. 
In a one day Paverpol workshop you can make a sculpture from start to finish. 
Paverpol is the world’s #1 product of its type, and the only one awarded the AP seal for non-toxicity from the AMC  (Art and Creative Materials Institute). 
It is one of North Americas hottest new products for creative people.   It has been used in Europe for a number of years.

Sitting figure sculpture: a one day workshop $80.00 All materials included. 
Learn to build an armature with wire, aluminum foil and tape.  To dress a sitting figure using premix Paverpol in black or bronze and how to apply dry brush technique for a finishing touch. This sculpture will be waterproof and ready to be placed outdoors in your garden if you wish. 

Standing figure sculpture: a one day workshop $80.00 All materials included. 
You will learn to reinforce the structural integrity of your armature by building a support rod into your base and to dry-wrap your sculpture and dress it if you wish.  Still all waterproof. 

Stone and crackle sculpture: a one day workshop $80.00 All Materials included.
Learn to build a standing sculpture with wire armature. Work with the Paverpol clay to give the sculpture a stone look. You will cherish this sculpture for years to come.

The Dancer: a half day workshop $45.00 All material included. 
This is a fun sculpture that is a pleasure to give as a gift, for Christmas a birthday or anniversary. You will learn to make a wire armature using a different technique to complete this girl.

My Lady, life sculpture: a one day workshop $120.00 
Paverpol regular and transparent will be included as well as a life size styrofome head. Get ready to work. This sculpture will be an asset to your home or garden. 
You will learn to use styrofoam as a base. To cover the armature partly with Paverplast and to use Paverpol transparent.  A fun day for all the non sculptors out there. 
You will be asked to bring an old silk or cotton scarf of your choice.

The Couple: a one day workshop $120.00 All material included 
Make this sculpture as an anniversary gift and what a gift it will be. 
You will learn to make a wire armature and use a metal rod, as this sculpture is about 3 to 4 feet tall. It will then be covered with Paverpol and decorated as you wish. 

A small additional fee will be charged for private classes and semi private classes. 
Tea or coffee is served at all courses. 

Ponds View Art Studio, a multimedia art studio   Owner/Instructor: Francine Mongeon 

 New to Canada: Paverpol 
"Madona" stands over 6 feet (2 meters) in height. 
Student with Pavepol covered head.
August 2012