F r a n c i n e  M o n g e o n
O t t a w a ,  O n t a r i o ,  C a n a d a
Denise Desautels
Fellow Founder of the
Canadian Doll Artist Association
Kathryn Belzer and Margi Hennen at Francine's, the day after the
CDAA Conference in May 2000 celebrating Margi's birthday!!!
Liz Ciezluk
with one of her
amazing pieces
at the 2000 Conference.
Liz is also a founding
member of the CDAA.
Joel Haslam, co-host of
Regional Contact,
local human interest show in
Ottawa on which Francine
and her work appeared
in the fall of 2000
Judith Crichton having desert to celebrate Margi's birthday
This site is designed and maintained by Jannie van Eijk.....friend and fellow artist.
The duet of
"Annie and Jannie"
(Anne-Marie Brombal and Jannie van Eijk -CDAA
Weird and wacky friends, hamming it up for the
camera at the
Conference in Ottawa
in May of  2000.
Jannie and her son, Creag, kidding around at his wedding photo shoot in Himeji, Japan.  Summer 2008
Jannie wearing a Traditional Silk Kimono for Creag and Chihiro's wedding.  Bottom layer, a cotton Hada juban (slip) with a silk Naga juban (same style as kimono including the sleeves) over it, then the Kimono.  Silk embroidered Obi (wide belt) with Makura (padding at the back) held in place by an Obiyaga (scarf type).  Over top of that is the Obijime, the small tie.  Tabi (separated socks) worn inside Zori (sandals).  Hair was put into a traditional Japanese style by the dresser.
Marie Powers and Francine.  June 2012
Judith Cadieux
Francine and one of her students at the school where she substitutes.
November  2011
Kiwi Art Show - Perth  June 2012
Francine and Liz Ciezluk (r) with a friend.
Friends and other wonderful people...